We supply quality onboard radio channels to your cruise ship, with your choice of content and programming to suit your guest demographic.

You can have up to eight fully branded channels that can be utilised both for in-cabin radio or as a mixture of background systems for designated areas with background mood music.

We include guest DJs and brand jingles – please try the links menu above to experience the radio we offer.

The radio shows will advertise your special offers, future cruises, and shore excursions.

We have removed the need to be onboard; instead, we send our radio channels directly to our onboard servers, which in turn send the radio directly to your cabin, stateroom, public areas, or even to mobiles and tablets.

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How it Works

We compile unique bespoke shows for all of our customers in our Maidstone Studios, which are sent directly by either internet or satellite to our automated servers onboard ships. These are time-coded to play out in real time onboard according to the time zone the ship is sailing in. This means you could have a breakfast show go out at 7 am ‘Local Ship’s Time’ instead of UK time.

Maidstone Studios
Ship wide music Icon

Ship wide music

Our system can also provide a separate ‘subtly branded’ background music service, suitable for playing in public areas. Depending on the time, it can also be used to promote onboard events.

Latested News Icon

Latested News

We can offer a bespoke news service to ships or supply news from IRN, Sky, or Reuters Radio, which is updated hourly.

Fully Automated Icon

Fully Automated

Our system is designed to stand alone, requiring no onboard maintenance while at sea. It features automated, pre-programmed content for times when it may not be practical to provide live shows.

No repetitive music Icon

No repetitive music

With our extensive built-in music library, we guarantee you will never hear the same songs in the same order, making our product unique among automated playout systems.

Maidstone Studios
Maidstone Studios
Maidstone Studios

Radio Waves Features

Daily Updates

Daily Updates

Daily updated shows from our UK studios sent directly to your ships fully automated.

Ship Specific Content Icon

Ship Specific Content

Options to have ship specific content on your station,

Bespoke Features Icon

Bespoke Features

Shows that sound as if they are being produced from actually onboard’ the ships, featuring guest requests, dedications and birthday greetings.

Christopher Rynd – Former Cunard Commodore

{When Radiowaves was launched onboard the  Queen Mary 2 , I was surprised at the immediate uptake from both guests and onboard concessions. As a direct result of onboard promotion our sales went up by nearly 15%, which was tracked to Radiowaves, Via radio promotion codes. From a company point of view, it proved not only very cost effective but also a great source of entertainment.{

Horst Pint Hotel Operations Director – SAGA

{We have used Radiowaves Media on many occasions over the past 4 years on all the ships across our fleet. We intend to use their services onboard both of our new builds. We have found the service not only novel and also very useful promoting onboard activities and has also proven very successful in promoting onboard future sales and shore excursions.{

Our Radio Channels

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Sixties Sensation Radio

Nothing but the very best music, none stop hits and memories from the swinging sixties.


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Rock N Roll Radio

Playing you classic Rock N Roll music from across the decades.


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The 70’s Connection channel

Nothing but the 70’s playing you all the hits on one channel.


Radio Waves Channel Icon

Top Rock

The very best in Classic and Modern Rock music.


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The Electric 80’s

This is the era that music would never sound the same again.


Radio Waves Channel Icon

Sunshine Reggae & Ska

Sunshine music and ideal for the winter ‘Caribbean Season”.


Radio Waves Channel Icon

The Forever Radio Show

The very best of Brit-Pop featuring all the iconic bands of the era.


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Country Radio

One of the world’s biggest music catalogues of classic and modern country music.


Radio Waves Channel Icon

The Comedy Channel

Classic comedy from our huge library of over 2500 comedy shows and clips.


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Nothing but Number 1's

UK number one hits but also the Billboard 100. Every song a classic.


Radio Waves Channel Icon

The Classical Channel

None stop smooth listening music.


Radio Waves Channel Icon

The Big Band Box

8 decades, of the best Big Band and Swing. 'It has never sounded so good'.


Radio Waves Channel Icon

Talk The Talk

Audio books and interviews, including 'Book of the Week'


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Party Play Radio

A none-stop mix of the very best party and feel good music.


Radio Waves can ‘Mix and Match’ a selection of the above channels into your own super channel with each genre introduced by one of our professional presenters.