Radiowaves Media Ltd, have just purchased two new radio broadcast companies, in a bid that will cement them firmly as one of the leading radio media companies in Europe.

The acquisitions include the, company along with streaming company ‘Feel Great Radio Ltd.

Radiowaves Chairman David Wimble said: “This is great news for us as it helps to bolster our position in the market, with Radiowaves it brings withit over 20 radio shows, which will now be available onboard the ships and other supply contracts that we have.

Feel Great Radio Ltd, is one of the biggest streaming companies in internet radio and along with the availability of their streaming servers, we also now have the capacity to be able to stream our own internet channels for each of the companies that we supply. So when you have finished you Vacation or holiday and return home, you will be able to listen to the same shows you enjoyed whilst away. And further more listen to any offers of future Cruises or holidays. I think that the huge investment that we have made into acquiring these two businesses, not only offers scale of economy, but makes our future projects even more sustainable. As we aim to supply over 50 ships in the next 24 months.”

Delux Radio currently enjoys a huge popular audience figures of over a million stream hits a month, with the average listener, logging on for an average of 3 hours. With some shows having, over 40,000 listeners at any one time.

We do not want to keep this a secret, so if you want to hear what Delux Radio sounds like, it is now available on your ship as one of the other channels, offering a great mix of music along with all the latest national and international news. Just press play on the radio player on our home page, or visit the site by clicking on this link.  

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