Our Studios

We supply quality brand related radio channels to your Cruise Ship
With a choice of content and programming to suite your guest demographic.
As well as this we have two production studios and the ability to have both ‘round table’ interviews and even live band sessions.

Our broadcasting equipment is the latest state of the art sound desks and recording suites.
All studios are fully sound proofed and air conditioned.

Radiowaves has a wide selection of voice over artistes available to us to create pre-recorded messages, for ships. Including automated announcements. This could be general announcements I.E the captain welcoming you onboard, or information about etiquette for using ships tenders, disembark information or maybe security / medical announcements IE Code Bravo, Code Red etc.


We have the ability to work with video production teams to create safety and training videos, for example, ‘welcome onboard’ video. How to put on your life jacket and how to get to your lifeboat and what to do when you hear ships announcements.


Please contact us and let us quote you for some of our additional services.