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What is it?

What is syndication?

‘Broadcast syndication is the practice of leasing the right to radio programmes to multiple radio stations, without going through a broadcast network’.

What inspired Syndic-8

The Inspiration

For over forty years, the legendary rock band Kiss (with sales of over 100 million albums) have opened their live shows with the following announcement “You wanted the best, you’ve got the best…”

Now you can get the best, too. For less.

What can i expect

The Content

Syndic-8 will be creating premium programming, perfectly suited for any music-based radio station (speech based only content is also available if required). Each show will be hosted by a well-known, professional and well-respected broadcaster, adding a quality image to your own radio station. It is as though you have hired the cream of British broadcasting, no matter the size of your organisation. Rock shows, easy listening, jazz, blues, country & western, soul – the choice is almost endless. In addition, shows can be custom-made for your specific requirements.

What do i get in return

The Offer

David Wimble & Russ Kane have formed SYNDIC-8, allowing radio stations of every size, to broadcast first-class premium radio shows at a realistic, economically viable cost. Each show is non-branded, so that you can play it out using all you own radio brand identity. If you prefer, for a small additional fee, each show can be personally branded to your own radio station, for example, “You’re listening to the Russ Kane Rock Show on (name of your radio station). Join me, every week here on (name of your radio station).

I’m in. How much is it?

The Cost

The all-important paragraph. How much? We are offering each one-hour radio show for just £5.00.
That’s right, five pounds.

How is this even possible? At Syndic-8 we believe in both quality and scale. Long gone are the days of contracts for tens of thousands of pounds. It’s a new landscape now and it requires a new, bold approach. We offer premium programming to any radio station from one-man start-ups to well-established organisations. The size of your organisation should not be a barrier to great content from nationally-known broadcasters.

Face it, in a time of economic scrutiny, where every penny counts, just £5 per show for a first-class, premium show really is a no-brainer!

To learn more and to answer all your questions please contact (DAVID WIMBLE / RUSS KANE DETAILS ETC)

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