What We

We supply quality brand related radio channels to your Cruise Ship
With a choice of content and programming to suite your guest demographic.

Radiowaves is the only bespoke radio production company that specialises in supplying fully branded radio channels for the cruise ship industry across the globe.

It was established in 2016 and over the past years has been proven as not only a great source of entertainment. But also a cost effective way of selling future cruises and onboard services, including, shore excursions and onboard concessions.


Our team have collectively many years of knowledge to ensure that our programmes are made up of the very best content and selected to fit with your brand or ships core demographic.

For 2020 we have introduced a new way of working, featuring our onboard servers.

This means that we do not have to have any onboard presence (this was always a stumbling block for smaller ships where accommodation for team members was an issue).

 Our solid state custom servers sit in the ships communications office or broadcast centre and automatically supply up too 6 bespoke channels simultaneously to the ship.


These can either be played through the ships multimedia hubs in the cabins, or traditionally through the cabin TV.

A choice of professional sound out puts can be chosen to suite any ships technical set up. Including standard stereo or mono sound feeds, blue-tooth, Digital or optical outputs.


Once the server is installed it can either be set to run on a fully automated system, or if you choose our as live channel, a simple connection Via secure fire wall (which we set up in conjunction with onboard technical team / radio officer) allow us to remotely ‘dump shows’ direct from our Maidstone studios.


This can be set to a fully automated system, to utilise internet in ‘off peak’ times. Or can be bulk down loaded, direct from our studios via Satellite.


Our ‘as live shows’ can be tailored to change, should the itinerary of a ship change. Because our core team have spent a long time working onboard ships, we understand the demands of ever changing schedules.


Having to fill a new ‘sea day’ when because of weather or mechanical constraints, is simple. As we can literally take over the ships onboard radio waves servers and insert programming appropriate to the situation and also deliver information about the ongoing itinerary.


Radiowaves is such a versatile system, we are able to make major musical changes with a moment’s notice. This falls into the international broadcasting codes of conduct, for example should a national or international event take place. We can automatically change programme output, to suite the mood of the occasion.


Many of our customers, select one channel for ship board music, to be played in public areas during the day along with bars.

Again, we understand that different times of day, require different music tastes. We can pre-set this in conjunction with the ships, hotel and cruise/ entertainment managers.

For vessels with interactive media pods or interactive TV’s we can even take requests via our server. Whereby they go onto our server and when we do our daily update, we take a snap shot of the daily log across our VPN and include the requests or dedications in the following days programming.

We also offer the ability for social host to email a list of the cruise birthdays or special events to be included in our programming.